Montporte Dungeon Campaign Update

Our Monday Night Gamer Übergoobers have been taking a break from the Montporte Dungeon Campaign, mostly due to my absence because of work duties. I have managed to get in on a few games on Monday night as a player, mostly playing in +Rob Conley's Majestic Wilderlands. We are using D&D 5e and I am playing Aeven Steelhand, a human fighter.

We'll be starting up with the Montporte Dungeon in a few weeks. I will be converting it to D&D 5e from our current rule set, Blood & Treasure. We have had more people in and out of our Monday Gaming Group and I think it works better with newbies and transients if we can use common rule sets.

So, in the next few weeks I will be:

  • Converting my Montporte Dungeon to D&D 5e.
  • Helping the players convert their current characters to D&D 5e.
  • Facilitating character creation for the new players.
  • Catching up on my session notes on my blog. We have played 39 sessions and I have session notes for the first 37 sessions.
  • Retooling the Roll20 Montporte Dungeon campaign.

I am excited about the conversion as I have really enjoyed D&D 5e so far.


  1. Im curious to read the new session reports, I have always enjoyed them.
    I am also curious if you could elaborate on how your perceive differences between D&D 5th ed and B&T and/or what you think are mechanical advantages to 5th ed over B&T?
    I ask as someone who hasnt even cracked open a 5th ed book - i am familiar with B&T though :)

    1. Anders: Great question.
      1. Mechanical: I really like B&T and will run it again. However, there are some clever mechanics that give players (and the DM) more tactical options while avoiding the clunkiness of 3.x/Pathfinder. D&D 5e won't play as fast during combat but my experience with 5e combat was a blast.

      Group: We have added some new people to our group who have already played 5e, as have the rest of our group. It is a universal system for us that will allow us to convert the current characters.

      Setting: Each class has at least 3 archetypes, paths, etc and they fit hand-in-glove into the Montporte Dungeon cosmology.

      Support: D&D 5e is fully supported in Roll20 and that was a clincher for me since that as our current game platform every week. The macros in the character sheet make playing it simple and seamless.