Megadungeon Hall of Fame: Megadungeon Play Reflections - The Immediate and the Cumulative

I have been MIA from the blogosphere for a big chunk of 2014. While I am finally catching up on my blog posting, my Megadungeon links pages are still in neglected condition. I am trying to rectify that but finding new content for links (and also checking for broken links). Part of that process led me to reread Peter D's (Dungeon Fantastic) post, Megadungeon Play Reflections - The Immediate and the Cumulative.

Peter's blog consistently offers up great content, most of which revolves around megadungeon design and play. His Megadungeon Play Relections - The Immediate and the Cumulative is my personal favorite. It is elegant in its simplicity--the post primarily consists of two lists ("Immediate" and "Cumulative"). What I like is that it is a descriptive post about megadungeon play, as opposed to an armchair prescriptive post. Rather than speculate about megadungeon play, he describes it. And in the act of description, he lays the ground work for how to have a well-designed and well-run megadungeon campaign.