The First Time Is Always Special: Our Upcoming Session with "Spirit of the Century"

So this weekend—if all goes as planned—I will have my first experience running Spirit of the Century. My face-to-face gaming group has only met once in the last year for a Castles & Crusades session, although previous to that we did have a couple of character creation sessions for the Dresden RPG (a FATE-based system, like Spirit of the Century). I think FATE will be a good match for our group.


  1. Very cool, Rusty.

    Happy Gaming :-)

    PS: I laughed at the idea of Bug pawning off my left boot. That's pretty good.

  2. @HW: Thanks for the happy gaming wish. The group includes my wife, my daughter, and a friend and his two sons. Gaming with college-aged kids is a blast.

    I enjoy hearing your dogs over Skype during our Monday night gaming sessions. Lots of great game sount effects.