The Magnificent Miscellaneum Volume 1

I am happy to see the James Mishler is back in action and cranking out some gaming goodness once again. I'll be picking up The Magnificent Miscellaneum Volume 1 right after Christmas from RPGNow. Not only does it include his usual Castles & Crusades goodies, it also includes some goodies for Amazing Adventures. That is welcome news, as my copy of Amazing Adventures arrived about two weeks ago and I am hoping to play it sometime this coming year.


  1. Hey, hey, hey. Wait just one cotton'pickin' minute. I was the first one to join this blog.

    Take that.


  2. Now now, children. There is room here at this blog for both of you.

  3. Thanks Ken! Glad to see you are back in the gameblog saddle again. Did you ever get a chance to pick up the Miscellaneum? I hope you enjoyed... should be another one out next week. The Trolls got their power knocked out for a week after Christmas, putting everything behind. But they are back up and running again...