Bummer: No Trip To NYC

My wife and I cancelled our trip to New York City this weekend because of the weather. Fortunately, we were able to get refunds and vouchers for trains, hotels, etc. We'll use those soon, as we try to get to NYC once every three months or so. We are bummed that we will not be seeing (and hearing) Ron Carter at the Blue Note tonight. And, our list of restaurants to try grows ever longer with no hope this weekend of reducing the backlog (many of the recommendations come from Serious Eats: New York).

To console myself, I am going to order a few gaming items this weekend. My warped rationalization is that I would have blown a significant amount of money on history books at Strand or another used bookstore in NYC. When it comes down to it, I am saving money, right?


  1. I also have some money form a music gig on Thursday night. I try to hold on to that money for music equipment but it might end up being spent on gaming goodies.

  2. I don't know what I enjoy more, that you wrote this post or that you were the first to comment on it?

    It's a toss up.

    PS: Did you have coupons for those must eat places?

  3. Hmm Ken, you know you answered yourself. Maybe you need to get outside a little. Fresh air and all.

  4. I know it is bad form to write the first comment on my own post.

    @Whisk: No coupons. We keep a list of places that have good reviews and are inexpensive. At the same time, not eating at cool restaurants sort of defeats the purpose of the trip. We love eating out at new places and NYC is the best place to do it.

  5. Ken: I made the same rationalization this week. Had a $40 miniature order ready to go in when my FLGS called to tell me that the mini I REALLY wanted was in. Since the other $35 was to get free shipping, I cancelled the order...went to my FLGS, and dropped $30. Because, Hey...I was GOING to spend $40, so I saved money, right?

  6. @Boric: It is the kind of rationalization that will keep me working until someone pries my cold dead fingers off of my office chair.