Messing With Dungeon Maps

I did the map below in AutoREALM. Not really happy with the way it came out...coloring, perspective, etc all somewhat off.

My goal is to create a single map of the discovered portion of the Montporte Dungeon, with just enough detail so that the players can maintain their bearings as we move from map to map. The map below only contains the three levels that the players have down in terms of location. They have explored a lot more, but thanks to a teleport, they do not know where they are in relationship to the area displayed on the map below. They are in a whole other area of the dungeon.
It feels a little too small and plain. But it is a start...and maybe some of the Montporte players will find it helpful.


  1. I think it would be helpful. Plain is good in this case, we the players know its not plain and its not small. But knowing we are in the 3rd level of the Elemental Monastery that's adjacent to the Rebel Hideout would be most helpful.

  2. Yeah, I agree with Tim. This is extremely helpful.