Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 37 Notes

The Cast
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the Second Circle (Half Orc, Hunter): +Tim Shorts  (Gothridge Manor)
Dante Rathburn (Human, Warlock): +Chris C.  (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Luven Lightfinger (Human, Thief): +Rob Conley   (Bat in the Attic)
Larramore “Little Larry” (Kobold, Marksman): NPC
Diana (Human, Torch Bearer, Goat Driver): NPC
Marcus Aurelius (Magic Sword): NPC
Daria (Human, Rebel Leader): NPC
Silvaria (Human, Rebel): NPC
Muh ("Gaunt," Rebel): NPC
Zot ("Gaunt," Rebel): NPC
Mechlor (Thuragian, Rebel): NPC
Dwemmon (Gnome): NPC
6 Naked Dwarfs
7 Rescued Gnomes
5 Cave Goats

The Session
The brave adventurers had just finished an encounter with Elias the One, leader of the "Breeders." The party was victorious, but Elias managed to escape to parts unknown (Session 36). The party decided that they should return the rescued gnomes to their underground forest home, but neither the gnomes nor the party knew the route. The party started Session 27 in Room 1 on Map A below.
Map A (1 square = 5 feet)
Luven, using the Cap of Useful Ideas, suggested that the party use the portable teleport pad that they had with them to see if would take them in the correct direction. The party had not tried to use this 6' x 6' magical carpet since they obtained from a group of hobgoblins in Session 29. The party unrolled the carpet and, one at a time, stepped into the teleport area. The party was teleported to a place they had never been, Room 2 on Map B below.
Map B (1 square = 5 feet)
They were in a small room with the red "destination" teleport pad on the floor. They soon discovered that Room 2 was a small building in a large high cave with topsoil and dead trees. After close examination and some divine inspiration, Adzeer determined that some sort of demon fungus had attacked and killed the trees.

The party made their way east and found another small building; this one containing Room 3 (Map B above). Room 3 featured a  10' x 10' metal grating in the middle of the floor. The party looked up and saw doors in the ceiling. Deciding correctly that this was some sort of elevator, they looked for and found the mechanism to operate it. The party ascended 150' on the elevator (as estimated by Adzeer) and the party arrived in Room 4 (Map C below).
Map C (1 square = 5 feet)
The party moved into Room 5 and found a small grove of dead trees. These trees were killed by being burned. The party saw another elevator in Area 6 but chose not to explore. The party then moved to Rooms 8 and 9, both of which were part of a living area for gnomes. It was abandoned and some of the rooms had suffered serious fire and explosion damage. The party did find a few small gold bars. They also discovered a flaming grill in the northeast corner of Room 9. This turned out to be a magic item, Weber's Everburning Flaming Grill.

The session ended at this point. It was the only session that we could remember where there were no encounters. While we would not want a steady diet of encounterless sessions, this one created an eerie sense of emptiness, gloom and destruction. It also emphasized that the party were lost again as a result of using the teleport carpet.

The Dungeon So Far
Level 1 (1 square = 5 feet)
Level 2 (1 square = 5 feet)
Level 3 (1 square = 5 feet)
Mystery Level A (1 square = 5 feet)
Mystery Level B (1 square = 5 feet)