Megadungeon Links I: Design & Play

The lists of links below are works-in-progress. Let me know if you have additional links to recommend. I like to say this is a labor of love, but it is more likely the result of an occasional visitation of OCD-type behavior (can one hoard links?). Click here to go to Megadungeon Links II: Maps, Tables, Generators.

Megadungeon Hall of Fame
With New Old Eyes
Dungeon Mapping
The Dungeon as a Mythic Underworld
The Megadungeon and the Horror
Minimal Dungeons
Jaquaying the Dungeon
The One-Page Dungeon
Megadungeon Design and Philosophy
Megadungeon Play Relections - The Immediate and the Cumulative

General Dungeon Links
Build a Dungeon From Me
Castle Triskelion 
Dungeon Crawlers (Minis)
The Dungeon Dozen
Dungeon Fantastic Blog (GURPS)
Dungeons (Pathfinder SRD)
GURPS Dungeon Fantasy (Steve Jackson Games)
Renovating the Temple Blog (GURPS + Temple of Elemental Evil)
Subterranean Design Blog

Dungeon Design and Play
Absolute Direction and the Megadungeon (Dungeon Fantastic)
All Mouths Lead to One Stomach-The Concentric Dungeon (Playing D&D With Porn Stars)
Approaching the Megadungeon (Gnome Stew)
The Architect DM: Dungeon Interconnectivity (Critical Hits)
The Architect DM: Give It Some Structure (Critical Hits)
The Architect DM: The Inverse Office Dungeon (Critical Hits)
The Architect DM: Negative Space in Dungeons (Critical Hits)
The Architect DM: On Dungeons (Critical Hits)
The Architect DM: Structural Dungeon Design (Critical Hits)
Black City Maps - the City and Transit Tunnels (Dreams in the Lich House)
Connecting Tunnels (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Connecting Tunnels II (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Converting Scale: Megadungeon to Hex Map (Gnome Stew)
Creating an "Old School" Dungeon PDF (D&D Supplment, Philotomy's Musings, pp 12-19)
Design It To Run: How I Am Designing & Running the Montporte Dungeon (The Rusty Battle Axe)
Developing the Dungeon through Progressive Elaboration (Dreams in the Lich House)
Die-roll Dungeons (The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope)
The Dungeon 1: Cisterns (The Rusty Battle Axe)
The Dungeon 2: Comparing GURPS and D&D on Dungeon Design (The Rusty Battle Axe)
The Dungeon 3: Creating Meaningful Choices in a Dungeon-Centered Campaign (The Rusty Battle Axe)
Dungeon Clockworks (Henchman Abuse)
Dungeon Clockworks Cont'd: Dungeon Elementals (Henchman Abuse)
The Dungeon Crawl Checklist (Gnome Stew)
Dungeon Design Assumptions (Dungeon-A-Day, Monte Cook)
Dungeon Design: The Sixth Way (The Rusty Battle Axe) 
Dungeon Inscription Resources & a Weird Text (Telecanter's Receding Rules)
Dungeon Mapping (Melan)
Dungeon Stocking and Character Class (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Episodic Play in Megadungeons (Beyond the Black Gate)
Five Dungeon Starts (The Tao of D&D)
Five Paths for Dungeon Design (The Rusty Battle Axe) 
Gus' Megadungeon Thoughts (In My Campaign)
Hear Noise (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Hiding the Treasure (Semper Initiativus Unum)
Jaquaying the Dungeon [Part 1] (The Alexandrian)
Jaquaying the Dungeon–Part 2: The Jaquays Techniques (The Alexandrian)
Jaquaying the Dungeon–Part 3: The Philosophy of Jaquaying (The Alexandrian)
Jaquaying the Dungeon–Part 4: Jaquaying the Keep on the Shadowfell (The Alexandrian)
Jaquaying the Dungeon–Part 5: Jaquaying for Fun and Profit (The Alexandrian)
Jaquaying the Dungeon–Addendum: Dungeon Level Connections (The Alexandrian)
Jaquaying the Dungeon–Addendum, Part 2: Tips & Tricks (The Alexandrian)
KJD-IMC: Node-Based Megadungeon (Keith Davis--In My Campaign) [An Index to More Stuff!]
Lessons from Running Mega Dungeons (Dreams in the Lich House)
Lessons of the Black City (Dreams in the Lich House) 
Long-Term Monster Reactions in my Megadungeon (Dungeon Fantastic)
Loving the Dungeon (The Rusty Battle Axe)
Making a Good Megadungeon (Dreams in the Lich House)
The Mapless Maze (Beyond the Black Gate)
Mapping the Megadungeon (Beyond the Black Gate) 
Mega Dungeon from 5rd Example (Gnome Stew)
The Megadungeon and the Horror (Dreams in the Lich House) 
Megadungeon Boredom (Henchman Abuse)
Megadungeon Design (Dungeon Fantastic) [An Index to More Stuff!]
Megadungeon Design and Philosophy: Part 1 (Beyond the Black Gate)
Megadungeon Design and Philosophy: Part 2 (Beyond the Black Gate)
Megadungeon Design and Philosophy: Part 3 (Beyond the Black Gate)
Megadungeon Design: Philosophical Extracts (The Lands of Ara)
Megadungeon Exploring - Three Do's and Dont's (Dungeon Fantastic)
Megadungeon: General Design Parameters (The Lands of Ara)
Megadungeon Monotony (Dreams in the Lich House) 
Megadungeon Play Reflections-The Immediate and the Cumulative (Dungeon Fantastic)
Megadungeon Reflections: GURPS Rules and Play Issues (Dungeon Fantastic)
Megadungeon Resources (Beyond the Black Gate) [An Index to More Stuff!]
Megadungeon Resources ( [An Index to More Stuff!]
Megadungeon Thoughts (Dungeon of Signs) 
Megadungeons: On the Virtue of Episodic Games (Dreams in the Lich House)  
Minimal Dungeons (Bat in the Attic)
More Megadungeon Thoughts (Beyond the Black Gate)
Mission Based vs. Location Based Play (Dungeon Fantastic) 
Musings on Playing in the Dungeon (The Rusty Battle Axe)
Mysteries of the ASE (Henchman Abuse) 
Never Trust a Dungeon Dweller (Dungeon Fantastic)
The Nine Forms of the Five Room Dungeon (Gnome Stew)
Obstacles & Obstacle Monsters (Dungeon Fantastic)
OD&D Dungeon Stocking (Sham's Grog & Blog)
On a Megadungeon Checklist (Hack & Slash)
On Gameplay in the Megadungeon (Hack & Slash)
One Page Dungeon Level Templates (ChicagoWiz's RPG Blog)
Other Knobs To Play With (Bat in the Attic)
PC Tips for my GURPS DF Game (inspired by the OSR Primer) (Dungeon Fantastic)
Player Impact on the Megadungeon City (Dungeon Fantastic)
The Primal Dungeon and the City Within (The Chatty DM)
Random Mega Generation Via 5 Room Iterations (Gnome Stew)
Recap: Dungeon Construction (Fame & Fortune) [An Index to More Stuff!]
(Re-)Running the Megadungeon (The Alexandrian)
Resource and Planning Tips for Dungeon Delving (Dungeon Fantastic)
Rolling for Rooms (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Room Categories (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Ruined Tunnels (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Schrödinger, Chekhov, Samus [Project Slaughterhouse] (The Angry DM)
Sneaking in a Dungeon, Part I (Dungeon Fantastic)
Sneaking in a Dungeon, Part II (Dungeon Fantastic)
Sneaking in a Dungeon, Part III: Equipment & Tactics (Dungeon Fantastic)
Spell Effects in the Dungeon (Semper Initiativus Unum)
Streamlining the Node-Based Megadungeon (Dungeon of Signs)
There's Only One Megadungeon (RetroRoleplaying: The Blog)
Thought of the Day...Meaningful Dungeon Choices (The Alexandrian)
Thoughts on How To Keep a Mega-Dungeon Interesting (Gothridge Manor)
Wandering Monster Frequency (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Wandering Monster Percentages (Henchman Abuse) 
Waypoints (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
With New Old Eyes (The Society of Torch, Pole, and Rope)
Wizards Does Maps Right! (aldeboran)

Dungeon Esoterica
Answering all the Questions in Mega-Dungeons (Greyhawk Grognard)
At What Level(s) Does a Megadungeon Work Best? (Tenkar's Tavern)
Big Damn Dungeons (Fame & Fortune) 
Bruce Lee's Dungeon (Dreams in the Lich House)
The D&D 5E Megadungeon: Two Observations (The Rusty Battle Axe)
D&D 5E and the Megadungeon (Dreams in the Lich House)
Does System Matter in the World of Megadungeons? (Tenkar's Tavern)
Dream Mountain--A Megadungeon Concept (Dreams in the Lich House)
The Dungeon as a Mythic Underworld PDF (D&D Supplment, Philotomy's Musings, pp 22-24)
Dungeon Gestalt or Hands Off My Fetish (Kellri) 
Dungeoneer's Library (The Rusty Battle Axe)
The Easily Lost Explorer’s Guide to Dungeon Crawling (Critical Hits)
From an Alternate Universe (Dreams in the Lich House)
Goblin Mines and Halls (Aeons & Augauries)
Heisenberg's Dungeon (The Rusty Battle Axe)
Influencing Dungeon Fantasy (Dungeon Fantastic)
Is It Possible to Publish a "True" Megadungeon? (Greyhawk Grognard)
Is the plural of megadungeon simply megadungeon... (Places To Go, People To Be)
Is "The Temple of Elemental Evil" a Megadungeon? (Greyhawk Grognard)
Just Thoughts on Dungeons (The Tao of D&D)
Logic and the Mythic Underworld (The Mule Abides)
The Maximalist Dungeon (Telecantor's Receding Rules)
Meditating on The Mythic Underworld (Blood of Prokopius)
Megadungeon Centered Campaign Musings (Planet Algol)
The Megadungeon...(Rule of the Dice)
Megadungeon Dreams (Tower of Zenopus)
Megadungeon Lessons from the Pyramids (Dungeon Fantastic)
The Megadungeon Paradox (roles, rules & rolls)
Megadungeon Training (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms) 
Musings on the Mythic Underworld (Dreams in the Lich House)
Mustard or Ketchup with that Dungeon (Dreams in the Lich House)
My Own Megadungeon (The Paladin in the Bag)
The Mythic Underworld and Gygaxian Naturalism in The Lost City (Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog)
On Megadungeons (Hack & Slash)
One-Shot Plans and Megadungeon Ideas (The Clash of Spear on Shield) 
Random Dungeon Musings (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
RDG: Generating Extensive Dungeons (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
The Roar of the Megadungeon Grognards (Bat in the Attic)
Schrödinger's Dungeon (Grognardia)
The Sinking Ruins, a mega (non) dungeon (No School Grognard)
Things About Dungeons I (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms) 
Things About Dungeons II (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Things About Dungeons III (The Nine and Thirty Kingdoms)
Trends in the Old School Renaissance (Bat in the Attic)
What Defines a "MegaDungeon"? (Tenkar's Tavern)
What Is a Mega Dungeon (Role-Playing Games)
What Makes a Dungeon "Mega"? (Tenkar's Tavern)
You Will Never Finish That Dungeon (Dreams in the Lich House)

The Underdark
The Deep Dark (The Rusty Battle Axe)
Encyclopedia Subterranica PDF (Dragonsfoot) 
Greyhawk's Underdark
How Dark Is D&D's Underdark (Dark Dungeon 2nd Edition)
This Is My Perfect Underdark (Planet Algol)
Underdark (Wikipedia)
Underdark Locations (Eldric's World)
Visiting the Kinan-M’Nath (The Society of Torch, Pole and Rope)
Whence the Underworld (Thoul's Paradise)

Dungeon Economics 101
"...barter and exchange..." (Monsters and Manuals) 
Extracting Value from the Megadungeon (Dreams in the Lich House)
Fridge Logic & Dungeons (The Tao of D&D)
Leaks Like a Sieve (The Tao of D&D)
megadungeon mercantile (Fame & Fortune) 
Spoilage Drift & The Trickle Down Theory (The Tao of D&D)