Adventures in the Unnamed City 2

Astute readers will note that the title of this post reads "in the Unnamed City" rather than "in an Unnamed City" (in my last post, I used an, not the). I decided that that city for my in-the-works medieval urban fantasy campaign setting does not have a name. The city did have a name long ago, but then it was Unnamed. How and when and why that happened, no one can say. These are questions that are best left unasked and unanswered.

Image source: http://www.scenicreflections.com/files/DIVE_INTO_FANTASY_CITY_Wallpaper_70tj3.jpg


  1. "Where you guys going?"

    "The Unnamed City."

    "Hmmm, if you call it the unnamed city doesn't that become its name?"

    "I dunno, but I heard they have great beef jerky there."

  2. @Tim: Hahaha! Is this payback for three years of snarky comments during gaming sessions?

    By the way, the Unnamed City is ruled by Sasquatch. There is a steep tax on beef jerky.

  3. As long as its good the tax will be paid and jerky will be eaten.

    Oh, just a suggestion. Captcha...kill it off.

    1. "Captcha"...I didn't even realize it was on. Oopsie.

      I think I turned it off.

    2. Lee me see if you actually you did.