Fate Core Kickstarter a Success

The Fate Core Kickstarter ended yesterday. Evil Hat Productions did a great job prepping for and running their kickstarter. I received a daily email with updates and stretch goals. They even provided a spreadsheet to help keep track of personal pledges. Here are their final results:
  • 10,103 backers
  • $433,365 pledged
  • 14,445% funded
I like Fate and have almost played Fate-based games on three different occasions, only to have something interfere each time. I ended up pledging $50...I started at $30 (hardcopy Fate Core plus some PDFs) and then upped it by $20 to be at the GADGETEER level to get a hardcopy Fate Toolkit.


  1. Glad this kickstarter worked out. Sad when they don't. Anyway, I read Tim your comment about the Bose and he laughed.

  2. It is nice when good things happen to good people (or at least people who appear to be good people).