The Evocative Dungeon: Montporte Level 1 in Pictures

Graph paper, even in its more elegant electronic form, doesn't do much to convey the mystery, danger and terror of the dungeon. I decided to googlegrab some pictures that, in a general way, I hope will represent the various areas of the Montporte Dungeon. In this post, I have some pictures that represent the areas the player characters have explored thus far on Level 1 of the dungeon. Here is the actual map, so far:
And here is the same area, represented in a very simple schematic map:
The brave adventurers have encountered three different areas on Level 1: The Elemental Monastery, a Mine, and an Ant Lair. Here are some pictures that I hope evoke a feel and sense of what those areas might actually be like:

Level 1: Elemental Monastery

Level 1: Mine

Level 1: Ant Lair