In Absentia

I have been absent, for the most part, from the blog-o-sphere, with the exception of a few comments on one or two other blogs. I have had 5 gigs with my bass the last three weekends--a glad thing. Work has been brutal--a bad thing. I even missed the last Monday Night Gaming Group session--a sad thing. I am looking forward to getting back at it tomorrow night.


  1. Glad to read that your gaming tomorrow night. I'm sure the other goobers will be pleased. Sorry work is brutal these days.

  2. Best of luck, getting back into the swing of things. All work and no play makes Ken, well, you know the rest! lol

  3. Glad you'll be back tonight. You can kill things, take their stuff, and then feel better about life! And that, Charlie Brown, is the true meaning of Ephemera. :)