Five for Friday 28: Shameful Desires

I have tried. God knows that I have tried to not lust after gaming stuff. But I am a weak man, so here is an accounting of my current sins in the form of a wish list of hard copy gaming items (in alphabetical order):

I will quietly break the rules here and add a few extras to the list...don't report me to the blog police. I'd like to pick up some GURPS stuff in hardcopy: GURPS High Tech and GURPS Powers. I might have to settle for the PDF version of GURPS High Tech, as it out of print and the priced for print copies is steep. Tome of Horrors 4 has also caught my fancy.

Sadly, the purchase of a custom order bass guitar dented the bank account but not my shameless desire for musical possessions. Daddy wants an upright bass and a high end acoustic guitar. And I have to postpone my wish fulfillment as my wife also wants a new acoustic guitar...hard to argue that it isn't her turn when I have my new bass guitar on a stand in the living room. Obviously, the solution is a winning lottery ticket, but for now I have to balance the spending across two money-sucking pastimes.


  1. The christmas edition of NOD looks interesting. I hadn't heard about this magazine.

    I'm curious: What kind of music do you play?
    (I play double bass myself. I used to play in amateur jazz bands, with some gigs on weddings, etc. I tried country music and would like to play in a reggae band now.)

    Cheers, Karl

    1. I have been shopping for an upright...no hurry as I don't have the money and need to buy acoustic guitars for myself and my wife.

      I play in two bands:
      1. A classic rock band that plays out 3-4 times per month. The Beatles and Pink Floyd make up the core of our playlist, but we also do more recent stuff. We call it psychedelic party music.
      2. An acoustic folk band with my wife, her sister, and one of their friends. The focus is on vocals. I started out playing bass but I am mainly playing acoustic guitar.

      Reggae is a blast on bass. I played with a Latin band and we did some reggae (and oddly, lots of Beatles).

      I am really enjoying NOD.

    2. Your bands sound like lots of fun. Beatles, Reggae, Folk, psychedelic party music. I like the mix!

      I have an electric upright bass and a cheap 3/4 double bass. While the electric bass is very practical, (I even took it to Cuba once), the other bass sounds much better. So a good bass doesn't have to be expensive, I guess.

      I will take a look at NOD.