Five for Friday 28: Shameful Desires

I have tried. God knows that I have tried to not lust after gaming stuff. But I am a weak man, so here is an accounting of my current sins in the form of a wish list of hard copy gaming items (in alphabetical order):

I will quietly break the rules here and add a few extras to the list...don't report me to the blog police. I'd like to pick up some GURPS stuff in hardcopy: GURPS High Tech and GURPS Powers. I might have to settle for the PDF version of GURPS High Tech, as it out of print and the priced for print copies is steep. Tome of Horrors 4 has also caught my fancy.

Sadly, the purchase of a custom order bass guitar dented the bank account but not my shameless desire for musical possessions. Daddy wants an upright bass and a high end acoustic guitar. And I have to postpone my wish fulfillment as my wife also wants a new acoustic guitar...hard to argue that it isn't her turn when I have my new bass guitar on a stand in the living room. Obviously, the solution is a winning lottery ticket, but for now I have to balance the spending across two money-sucking pastimes.