Pits & Perils Prep 1

I started preparation for running Pits & Perils with +Tim Shorts and +Chris C., now that it is my turn to run a few sessions. I decided that it would be too difficult to run a 3-4 session campaign with the Montporte Dungeon, so I am opting to create a small setting that I can also use if my wife and I decide to follow-through on our recent gaming discussion.

I have a rough draft of my map (above) but I will use a small area with Tim and Chris, so I will only detail a few areas. I also have my hooks ready...just need to add detail there as well.


  1. Very cool map Ken. The names are amusing, but have that medieval European feel.

    1. And the primitive road leading south from Twiggleton is Ravenswood Pike. Put it there as a potential connection to what Chris has already done.

    2. Excellent. I see you already have a tab to archive our stuff. That will be very helpful.

    3. Awesome! I was gonna ask which road led to Ravensburg. :) Very cool map!

    4. I had to change the map because I originally had it as Ravenswood. The corrected map is in the next blog post.