A "Plan B" Game Night

After making it through Sandy a few weeks ago without a blip or a blink, we lost power here in our eastern Pennsylvania neighborhood for much of the afternoon. That was some serious wind today.

Anyway, instead of our first session of Spirit of the Century (FATE) at our place, we relocated to the home of our fellow gamers and settled in for a rollicking session of Apples to Apples. My personal favorite was matching the red Underwear card when the green Hardworking (industrious, diligent, busy) card. Something about "hardworking underwear," "industrious underwear," "diligent underwear," and, of course, "busy underwear" set off some major giggles.

While I was hoping to get in a session of Spirit of the Century, I am not disappointed in the way our evening went. Good friends always make for the best of times.