Monteporte Dungeon Campaign Session 5 Notes

Montporte Dungeon: 1 square = 5 feet
The Cast
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle (Half Orc, 1 Lvl Hunter): Tim (Gothridge Manor)
Dante Rathburn (Human, 1 Lvl Warlock): Bard (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Duncan Kern (Gnome 1 lvl Wizard/Thief): Dan
Larramore “Little Larry” (Kobold, 1 lvl Marksman): NPC
Ardaemmore (kobold prince, hostage): NPC
3 cave goats

The Session
At the end of Session 4, the player characters were able to leave the Montporte Dungeon with their henchmen, rescued prisoners, captive kobold prince, cave goats, and boat. They dropped off their rescued captives and most of their henchmen and returned to the dungeon with the intent of ransoming their kobold captive, Ardaemmore, back to the kobolds. This meant that they had to find the kobolds.

Little Larry had explained to the adventurers that the kobolds were holed up in a stronghold on the far side of a deep sinkhole, access to which required either (a) crossing the sinkhole via a rope, which is how the kobolds accessed the Montporte Dungeon, or (b) dropping down into the sinkhole from above ground, which is how the kobolds accessed the world above ground. Little Larry knew that the kobolds had posted guards in the main section of the dungeon to keep an eye on the orcs. So the party decided to find the kobold guards.

Once the party entered the dungeon (Area 1 on the above map), they quickly moved north through Area 2, Area 3 (where the continual light chandeliers turned on automatically), and then into Area 4. Area 4 was new to the party and before they had a chance to explore the room, they were set upon by 4 very weird creatures. They were cubic lizardy things, about 3’ x 3’, with a lizard head and neck coming out of one cube face and a human face on each of the two “flanks.” The cubic lizardy things had no legs or tail. They floated through the air towards the party and attacked.
Little Larry's sketch of the cubic lizardy things
The party made fairly quick work of the lizards, with only Dante suffering significant injuries. It took 2 healing draughts to take care of most of Dante's wounds. In turn, he had reduced his tormentor to mincemeat by means of his battleaxe. The party noticed that the cubic lizardy things had fine blue-green iridescent skin that could be worth a pretty gold piece. They were able to salvage the skins of three creatures as Dante had done too much damage to the skin of the fourth.

Having slain and skinned the weird cubic lizardy things, the party then explored the room (Area 4 on the map). The room was filled with long wooden tables and benches, all quite old. There was a raised area (like a stage) at the north end of the room with a table on it. There was also a dinner prayer to the Four Elements of Power on the southern portion of the east wall.

Dante poked around stage and discovered a secret compartment in the northeast pillar (Area 5 on the map). Duncan was able to open it, disarm a needle trap, and bring out the contents: 4 gold bars (worth 50 g.p. each); 12 silver bars (worth 50 s.p. each); 2 vials, and a dagger. Using the Lens of Melnar, Duncan was able to identify the two potions: A healing draught and an invisibility potion. He was also able to determine that the dagger was magic. Duncan also took the needle mechanism for later use.

The party left the room through the door in the east wall (leading into Area 6 on the map). Duncan’s check for traps turned out to be unsuccessful and Adzeer took a spear in the chest. Little Larry examined the trap and identified it as a kobold-made trap—a very well made one at that. Adzeer drank a healing draught and the party moved into Area 6.

As soon as the party moved into Area 6, two small kobold arrows narrowly missed them and clanked against the south wall of the corridor. The party took cover at the east and west ends of the corridor (Area 6). The archers were somewhere up to the north, in the corridor that headed north, but they couldn’t see their tormentors.

The party decided to head east into the very big room where they had rescued a comatose Diana from the black blob in Session 1. From there, they continued north through the door (Area 7 on the map). Duncan was able to find the spear trap in this door and they triggered it without harm.

The party moved west along the 5’ wide corridor and stopped at Area 8. Here they found a sturdy barricade built from wood (from the tables in Area 4). Little Larry explained that the orcs had built it and posted sentries, to keep the kobolds from coming south. He found this type of tactical thinking to be very unusual for orcs.

The party made verbal contact with the kobold archers, who were hidden somewhere north of the barricade. The adventurers displayed Ardaemmore on top of the barricade and the kobolds to the north responded that they pass the news on to the clan chief, Degmar (Ardaemmore’s father and Little Larry’s uncle).

After waiting around a bit, a larger contingent of kobolds appeared to the north with torches. A price of 1000 g.p. was quickly agreed upon and the exchange was made with one very reluctant kobold sentry forced to carry the bag of gold to the party (he had a rope tied to him by the kobolds, for emergency retrieval).

Once they were rid of their captive kobold, the party decided that moving north was a bad idea and headed back through Area 4. From there they went west into Area 9. They were confronted with 7 giant rats, all very hungry, and a nasty little battle ensued. Duncan drew the magic dagger, of unknown properties (from the column in Area 5) and was pleased to discover it was a Dagger of Dancing. In fact, turned out to be Ommar’s Dancing Dagger (a +1 Dancing Dagger; +3 against humans). Thus armed, Duncan was did most of the damage against the rats and he killed the last two when they tried to flee out of the room.

The room turned out to be a kitchen, thus explaining the rats. There were two large rusted cauldrons, a table, and a fireplace. The room had been stripped of other kitchen utensils. Adzeer checked out the fireplace and discovered that the chimney only went up about 6’ before it stopped. At the upper end of the chimney, he discovered a portable hole (which he found to be filled with smoky air).

The party found a corridor in the westernmost section of the south wall (Area 10 on the map) that was barred by a heavy iron portcullis. They could see that the corridor beyond sloped downward as it headed south then west (the purple arrows on the map indicate the downward slope). They were unable to find a mechanism that opened the portcullis.

This is where the session ended.
The Montporte Dungeon Player Map After 5 Sessions