Pits & Perils Prep 2

I finished my overview map of the area. I haven't figured out the exact scale, but I am thinking that each hex is like a half of a mile. It is a small area. At first glance, it appears densely settled, but there is only one village, Twiggleton, with a population of about 150 (the solid circle). The other settlements on the map are very small agricultural hamlets of 10-40 people. Few people live outside of these settlements, as the area is surrounded by danger on all sides.

The road leading south from Darkness Bottom, the Ravensburg Pike, connects this area with the area that was the setting for our first three Pits & Perils sessions (run by +Chris C.).

Visual Tour
Here are some pictures that capture how I envision the area on the map (complimentary tour by Google):
Hill top ruins (ignore the fence, etc)
Imperial fortress ruins
The valley
A hamlet
Another hamlet
St. Amber Parish church at Crossing Church (ignore the modern stuff)