Google Plus and Blogger...Like a Dysfunctional Family Holiday

I decided to unattached the comment section of my blog from Google Plus. It is a cumbersome system, plus it excludes non-Google Plus users from commenting. Seems more like anti-social media. The worst part in unhooking the Google Plus from my blog is that it looks like I lost all of my blog comments. Blogger says I still have hundreds of comments, but they are nowhere to be seen on my blog. There is a lot to be said for paper and pencil by candlelight.


  1. Well here's a comment to start your new batch. I don't think you had that many to lose anyway.

  2. I held off on connecting them... now I'm glad I did. Thanks for the update!

  3. Like Dave above, I didn't connect my blog with Google and I'm glad I haven't either!!