Montporte Maps--After 10 Sessions

Back in April, I posted the Montporte Dungeon player map after five sessions of play. Our sessions are typically 2-3 hours, so exploration can be a rather slow process. In today's post, I am posting the Montporte Dungeon player maps after ten sessions of play. Here is the key to the maps in today's post:
  • A = Ladder from Level 1 to a sub-level
  • B = Ladder from Level 1 to a sub-level
  • C = Unexplored corridors and rooms
  • D = Unopened doors with unexplored area beyond
  • E = Exit to surface
  • P = Current location of the Player Characters

Level 1 (1 square = 5 feet)
Level 1 Sub-Level
Level 2?? (1 square = 5 feet)

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