Treasures in the Mailbox

So I have not been buying much in the way of gaming stuff. Oddly enough, I don't buy much while I am in the middle of GMing a campaign. I also bought a bass guitar a few months ago and that seriously deleted my fun money account. However, I did get Tim's (Gothridge Manor) latest volume of The Manor. The Manor #4 is the best one yet, although I admit to being biased as I have a few critters published within. The monster cards are a nice touch.

I also ordered GURPS Mysteries (4th Edition) and it arrived today. I haven't had a chance to look through it yet, as we had our Monday Night Gaming Group session tonight, but I plan on starting my reading during my morning smoothie. I have heard good things about this book but it is out of print (still available in PDF). I have been keeping an eye out for a used copy on Amazon, but the price had been hovering around $50. I managed to score a copy for $17.00. Happy I am. There are still some copies available on Amazon for the same price. I am not sure why the price bounces around so much..maybe a group of speculators creating havoc in the market?

I also received some gaming goodness from my wife for Father's Day back in June. I finally have the hardcopy of The Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies. My wife and I talked about playing but we have not made any definite plans yet. I have not tried out the PDQ system (or, in this case, PDQ Sharp), but I am intrigued by it. Plus, the setting is awesome...it easily lands in my top 3 settings of all time. Thanks, Deb!!


  1. Glad you liked the Manor. GURPS Mysteries is a great resource. I like it a lot. You'll have to let me know how you like Swashbucklers. Enjoy your kielbasi smoothie.

  2. The beauty of GURPS Mysteries that it brilliantly tells how to use Mystery plot in a roleplaying game.

  3. Fun stuff, Ken. Glad you enjoyed the Manor. So I'm hearing something about smoked meats ....

    1. @Happy: I fell off the vegan wagon when confronted with Kowolski's kielbasa when I was in Michigan over the weekend. It had been slow-cooked in beer so I counted it as a grain, not a meat.

    2. As a grain, hahahahaha. Very good answer.