Good Stuff Under the Tree

My wife received good stuff, too...
a sound system for her music group. 
I received some excellent gaming stuff under the tree this year. My big gift was a bass envelope filter--not something immediately useful at the gaming table. I had to send it back before I could use is with my bass as the knobs fell off as I was taking it out of the box. I have had that happen before, but that is related to personal medical issues (you get older, things fall off occasionally).

Fortunately, there were no such issues with the gaming stuff. Here is a peek at what came my way:
I am hoping a new, fully operational bass envelope filter comes my way soon...before I have my next music gig (January 18). In the meantime, I have plenty of gaming goodness to keep me going.

Addendum: Bass Envelope Filter
For those wondering what an envelope filter is (maybe my Mom?), it is an effect pedal used with electric guitars and electric bass guitars. It is similar to a wah-wah pedal and is sometimes called an auto-wah. When set up for bass guitar frequencies, it can create a bunch of cool effects. The example that comes to mind is the effect on the bass line during the verses of Lenny Kravitz's Fly Away. If you want to know more, and I am certain you do, the Auto-wah article on Wikipedia gives a bit more information.

The Rusty Battle Axe blog is educational as well as entertaining for the whole family.


  1. Nice loot!

    a bass envelope filter -- what every fisherman needs.

    1. To go along with the Ronco Pocket Fisherman. Not that I am comfortable with anyone spincasting in my pockets...

  2. Your mother wasn't the only one needing to know what a "bass envelope filter" was . . . but then, I was never a long haired grunge guitarist from Seattle, so . . .


  3. I was a long haired guitarist from New Zealand.