Monday Night Playtesting

We had a couple of players absent from our Monday Night Gaming Group, so we decided to postpone Session 26 of the Montporte Dungeon Campaign. Instead, we took this as an opportunity to do more playtesting of +Rob Conley's (Bat in the Attic) embryonic Fudge-based rules for his Majestic Wilderlands setting. We focused on the rules for arcane and divine magic. I played Horace Spindlemeyer, a human mage, and Dan played Benit Vache, a dwarven cleric.

We had the simple task of tracking down some bandits. A timely use of a charm spell in an inn provided us with some inside information. We were able to find their most recent victim and we tracked them back to their hideout. A sleep spell read off a scroll took out all of the bandits, except for the one hiding in the cave. Unfortunately, I rolled -4 on the Fudge dice (----), so the casting of the spell wiped me out too.

Benit tied up the sleeping bandits but then he had to take on the remaining bandit in the cave. The remaining bandit got the drop on us but critically failed when he attempted to shoot Benit with a crossbow (another ----). There was actually a second bandit and Benit found himself in a bad way.

Fortunately, I regained my senses just in time and cast another sleep spell, this time from my own inventory of spells. I managed to keep myself put together after casting the spell. We tied up the final two bandits and loaded them on the bandits' wagon so that we could take them back to the proper authorities.

This process was interrupted by a hungry owlbear. We didn't really think we could put up much of a fight so we let him make off with a dinner of two tied-up bandits. Horace felt a bit guilty about that, but not guilty enough to take on a hungry owlbear.

We ended the night by taking the remaining prisoners back to the authorities. We kept their booty for ourselves, with the hopes that no one would ask about it.

After we finished playing, we spent a bit of time tweaking the rules, which was as enjoyable as playing.