Oaf (Fey)--Montporte Dungeon Campaign Critter

Armor Class: 4 [15]
Hit Dice: 8
Attacks: 1 Spiked Club (1d10+6) or 2 Fists (1d4+1 each)
Saving Throw: 8
Special: Berserker
Move: 9
Challenge Level/XP: 9/1,100

The oaf is a large humanoid, about 10' tall, with a large head and thick body. The oaf is a fey creature and is aligned with the Summer Court. They are often used as body guards by other fey creatures, such as goblins.

COMBAT: An oaf is a fearsome opponent in combat. What they lack in intelligence, they more than make up for in courage and tenacity. They can used their spiked club to great effect in combat. They can also pummel their opponents with their fists.

BERSERKER: In the course of combat, if an oaf falls below half its hits points, it goes berserk. While berserk, it gains an additional attack per round (2 spiked club attacks per round or 3 attacks with its fists). It also gains an additional +2 to its attack roll and to damage. The oaf will then fight until it or its opponent is killed. Once combat is over, the berserk state is also over. The oaf can only go berserk 1 time per day.


  1. My wife always calls me a "big oaf." If she sees this post, I'll never hear the end of it.

  2. I remember these guys. We didn't kill them.

    1. Everyone was on their best behavior, so that Duncan and Luven could shop with the goblins.

  3. I like this Oaf monster.

    I have never seen the miniature on the picture before. Do you know who produces it?

    1. I found it by doing a Google search for "ogre figure." I did search again and the figure is a Heroquest figure.

    2. Thanks! Apparently there was an ogre expansion for HeroQuest.