...But If I Were To Publish a Megadungeon

Here is how I would do it (two options):

Online: I would create a separate site and just post it all there. Castle Triskelion is a good example of an online dungeon that is actively being published. The beauty of an online dungeon is that I can add and modify as needed, but I could see where it would get complicated to maintain and use as it grew.

Serial Print: John Stater's (The Land of NOD) NOD series is a favorite of mine and I personally think it would be a better way to publish a dungeon. So far there are 22 issues of NOD available on Lulu. The reality is that many of the current published megadungeons are in serial format, as we are waiting on the lower levels to be published.

The bigger challenge is on the part of the creator, actually finishing it or finishing enough of it so that the megadungeon is actually "mega." I have been steadfast in my refusal to plan to publish the Montporte Dungeon, despite the urging of the Monday Night Gaming Group and even my wife (World So Sweet). For now, I want to focus on playing in the dungeon, as opposed to publishing it.


  1. It is inevitable.

    *insert evil laugh here*

  2. And our defense, while we urge to publish, we also emphatically said not to do anything until the manuscript is finished.

    But Tim is right you are doomed.

    *insert evil laughing alongside Tim's"

  3. I admire you in that it's even possible you could publish it. Mine is usable for play, but publishing it would be a nightmare . . .

    1. I really don't think I could publish it, at least in way that others would find it interesting. Much of what makes it challenging and fun for our group is what develops in play, not in the "offline" design. I create it for me to run, not to publish.