2013 Gaming Goals Intentions

Goals for gaming seems a bit grandiose to me, and also a bit of a fun-kill. It is not like I will keep score. So these are nothing more than my gaming intentions-at-the-current-moment. Here are my three gaming intentions for 2013:
  1. Run a GURPS campaign. It would be my first attempt at running GURPS. The Monday Night Gaming Gang would likely be the victims.
  2. Run a FATE campaign. This, too, would be my first attempt at FATE. I am hoping to get our scattered in-house-face-to-face group together for some seasons. It is tough when half the group are college students, although the parent half of the group could threaten to withhold funds to get them to all come home on the same weekend once a month.
  3. Create an medieval urban fantasy campaign setting I can be run with GURPS (see #1 above), FATE (see #2 above), or an OSR d20 game (probably Swords & Wizardry).
What are your gaming intentions for 2013?