Monday Night Gaming Prep (Montporte)

We are taking a few weeks off from our current Majestic Wilderlands GURPS campaign, due to family commitments and work-related travel. I offered to run an AD&D 1e session this coming Monday for any players available from our usual Monday night gang. I gave the following instructions:
  • We are using AD&D 1e (PHB & DMG).
  • Use Method I in the DMG for ability scores.
  • Give yourself max hit points and max gold pieces.
  • No need to determine your alignment, unless you are a paladin or druid (then it is automatic).
  • If you are a cleric, create your own religion (as much as you feel you need to play).
Tim (Gothridge Manor) already created his character, Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle.

I wanted to create a quick setting that would support one session, but I also wanted enough for more (just in case). I didn't want to spend the session shopping, gathering rumors, or finding something to do. So I decided to get a bit railroady and created a simple scenario so that the action starts right away. Here is what the players are getting:

The Captain of the Guard of Montporte (pop. 1,028) has his hands full. Bandits have holed up in the castle ruins to the south, orcs have been harassing the mining village of Wootspil (pop. 106), the wildlands to the east continue to spew forth all manner of foul creatures (most recently giants), and a rebel force commanded by the Duke’s upstart brother lies between Montporte and help to the west.

The Captain has enlisted your aid to track down and eliminate the orcs. You have followed their path north from Wootspil through wooded foothills and you believe you have found their lair (the star on Map 1). The orc trail ends near a stream bed, amidst steep rock outcroppings, dense forest, scrub, and brambles. The Captain has sent two young soldiers with you, Spensol and Ian. He also sent veteran forester, Holat, and his son, Anders.

I used Rob's Points of Light I (the Southland setting) and his Points of Light II (the Amacui setting) as inspirations.