GURPS Majestic Wilderlands Session Notes: From "Game of Thrones" to "Cheers"

We started our Majestic Wilderlands GURPS session tonight trying to figure out what to do with the King of the Scanadians that we had captured during our last session. We had noticed the striking resemblance between this king and the head of our mercenary band...sort of a father and son resemblance.

Our boss had no idea that the enemy King was his father, so we played up the surprise. The kings presence did create a crisis in our camp among some of the NPCs...some wondered if our boss was really after the throne instead of the more noble mission of freeing the slaves under Scanadian rule.

In the middle of all this, the leader of our PC band (our platoon leader, sort of), Sir Cei, went off on his own, leaving the rest of the player characters at a loss for our next move. The answer started to form when we found out that our big boss planned on ransoming his father back to his people. We decided to claim a portion of the king's ransom, a total of 90 gold crowns for us (lots of dough for mooks like us).

We then debated as so whether we would continue as mercenaries or take up a different line of work. As we discussed and debated, the idea formed that we would leave the mercernary trade at the top of our game (how could we top coming back from a raid with the enemy's king?). It was the logical move if Sir Cei was no longer our band's leader. Instead, we would open up a tavern...the best tavern ever...and use it as the base for whatever comes next.

So, what started as a Game of Thrones scheming campaign, with our puny 75 point characters as mercenary pawns, has now become more like Cheers.