Montporte Session Notes (AD&D 1e)

Cast of Characters
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle (Half Orc, 1 Lvl Fighter/Cleric): Tim
Duncan Kern (Gnome, 1 Lvl Illusionist/Thief): Dan
Luven Lightfingers (Human, 1 Lvl Thief): Rob
Holat (Human, Woodsman/Tracker): NPC
Anders (Human, Holat's teen son): NPC
Spensol (Human, Soldier 1 Lvl Fighter): NPC
Ian (Human, Soldier 1 Lvl Fighter): NPC
Argus (Human, Militia 0 Lvl): NPC
Tomas (Human, Militia 0 Lvl): NPC

The Prelude
The Captain of the Guard of Montporte recruited the aid of the player characters to find a band of orcs and rescue the humans they have abducted. The characters have followed the orcs north from Wootspil through wooded foothills to a steep gorge carved by a small creek. The orc trail ends near a stream bed, amidst steep rock outcroppings, dense forest, scrub, and bramble (the star at the top of the above map).

The Start
As the adventuring party investigated the area, they found (a) a fresh trail of blood heading up the steep embankment away from the creek and (b) a poisoned arrow stuck in a tree (of kobold origin). After plucking the arrow out of the tree, the party followed the trail of blood and found a dying orc shaman at the end of it (he had been hit with two poisoned arrows).

Two of the characters (Adzeer & Duncan) were able to speak orcish.The shaman was delirious and blind, but the party was able to find out: (a) a war party of 25 orcs had come into the area a few weeks ago, looking for kobolds; (b) one of the orcs discovered an small opening, leading into an underground area while chasing a rabbit into heavy brush; (c) the orcs moved their camp underground; (d) the orcs starting following a "new god," who was living underground (a bitter disappointment to the shaman--"blasphemy!"); (e) the orcs brought several humans to their underground lair after some raids; and (f) the shaman and 4 other orcs were jumped by some kobolds when they emerged from their lair (the 4 other orcs were dragged away). The party dispatched the shaman and sent him to meet his one-eyed goddess, as he had requested.

The characters went back down to the creek bed, searched some nearby brush, and found a small opening in the ground looking as if it just been reopened (a small pile of recently excavated stone was nearby). There was a brief debate as to whether the party should chase after the kobolds or enter the hole in the ground. Duncan settled it: "I'm a gnome, I wanna go in the hole."

The Adventure
Leaving Holat, Anders and Tomas to guard the horses (as per the Captain's instructions) the party descended into Room 1 (map below) and surprised two orcs. The battle was joined by two orcs from Room 2, one of whom began shooting arrows through one of two arrow slits between the two rooms. Duncan was able to stab a short sword into the arrow slit and broke the orc's short bow.

The party moved through the complex, finding a few orcs at a time here and there. They also found two dead human males--a half-eaten one in Room 9 and one tied to column in Room 13 (he was peppered with arrows). Room 8 featured a simple marble throne with a hole in the seat (and broken pottery underneath the hole). Rooms 13, 15, and 16 had frescoes on the walls with soldiers engaging in martial training (sort of like training posters).

In Room 17, the party met up with three skeletons and a dead singed orc. One of the skeletons toasted the party with a burning hands spell. When the party destroyed the skeletons, they disintegrated in a shower of sparks and ash.

The session ended in Room 18 where the party met up with 3 more orcs and some vague amorphous black shadowy blob creature (see pic to the left). As combat ensued, the party found themselves forced to make a saving throw each round. Failed saving throws resulted each time in a lost wisdom point and an additional -1 penalty to hit. During the combat, Argus failed a morale check and fled the scene. After a long battle, the party prevailed. Adzeer wondered if this blob being was the orcs' new "god." After searching the room, the party discovered a young adult human female laying on the ground. She was alive but in some sort of catatonic state.

Room 18 featured paintings on each of the diagonal walls--one wall had flames, another wall, waves, a third had rocks, and the fourth, clouds. There was also a strange ancient magic permeating the room.

The session ended in Room 18. Tim (Gothridge Manor) also has a post about the session.

[Editor Note: I am giving in to peer pressure and adding this as an addendum...Luven pooped in Room 8. Yes, the DM didn't really want to talk about the in-game BM in my blog, but there it is. Surely there needs to be some sort of taint rule connected with this.]

1 Square = 5 Feet