Five for Friday 13: Favorite Non-RPG Games

I am a fan of games--card games, board games, war games, to name some that I enjoy (I avoid video, online, and PC games as I have no interest in living a life of addiction, rehab, and relapse). Here are some card and board games that I enjoy (in alphabetical order):
  • Acquire: I first played the older edition back in the early 1980s. The current rendition is a Wizards of the Coast production.
  • Apples to Apples: My favorite party game.
  • Dutch Blitz: Moving to southcentral Pennsylvania (Amish Country) and marrying into a Mennonite family has given me a deep appreciation of this game. It is one of the few Anabaptist outlets for otherwise forbidden aggressive tendencies.* Think of it as a cross between Uno and MMA. It is not a game for polite lapsed Lutherans from the Midwest...I always have the most cards in the my hand at the end of the game. Keep your elbows out and tender parts in a safe place at all times.
  • Fluxx: A card game that is like Uno on streroids--the rules of the game are written on the cards so the game changes with each card played. There are lots of expansion packs: Family, Pirates, Zombie and Cthulu, to name a few.
  • Settlers of Catan: My introduction to European/German style strategy board games. I really like this entire genre of board and strategy games and wish I could play more than once every other year or so.
What are your favorite non-RPG, non-digital/electronic games?

*Someday I'll have to post about the surprising amount of fighting by the Amish in our local rec hockey leagues.