GURPS Newbie Post: Our Next GURPS Campaign

It looks like our Monday Night Gaming Group will so be starting another GURPS campaign. We recently finished an awesome GURPS campaign in Rob Conley's (Bat in the Attic) Majestic Wildlerlands setting (with Rob as GM). Dan, who is currently appearing in my Montporte Dungeon Campaign as Duncan Kern (the Benny Hill of the gnome world), will be GM. According to Dan, his GURPS campaign with be high fantasy, using 150 point characters. I am not sure what my character will be, maybe a mage or maybe an archer or maybe a mage archer or maybe viking cleric (similar to  Belafore, the cleric I played in a recent GURPS one shot). Or maybe something completely different (but not an elf).

Until we begin Dan's campaign, my Montporte Dungeon Campaign has moved from second string to starter in our Monday Night Gaming Group. While I am enjoying GMing every week, I am anxious to start Dan's campaign and move the Montporte Dungeon back to the bench.