Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 12 Notes

The Cast
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle (Half Orc, 3 Lvl Hunter): Tim (Gothridge Manor)
Dante Rathburn (Human, 3 Lvl Warlock): Chris (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Luven Lightfinger (Human, 2 Lvl Thief): Rob (Bat in the Attic)
Larramore “Little Larry” (Kobold, 2 Lvl Marksman): NPC
Ansarkhan ("Mushroom Man", 2 Lvl Fighter): NPC
Diana (Human, Torch Bearer, Goat Driver): NPC
3 cave goats
Map A: Level 1 (1 square = 5 feet)
The Session
At the end of the last session (Session 11), the brave adventurers had decided to bed down for the night in Room 1 (Map A above). They were exploring an abandoned mining area and had moved into Room 1 from the south.

During the second watch of the night, Luven heard muffled voices coming from the corridor in the northwest corner of Room 1. Initially, he tried to hide in the shadows but Dante then heard the same voices and quietly woke the rest of the party.

Luven decided to scout ahead and moved north in the corridor between Areas 2 & 3. The voices were a bit louder but were echoing from a source further north. Luven used the faint glow of a magic dagger as a light source and discovered four skulls on the floor. Two (an orc skull and a kobold skull) had been placed on the floor in Area 2, facing east. Two more kobold skulls were placed on the floor in Area 3, facing west. Curious, and a bit dim, Luven lost track of the voices and began poking his fingers into the empty eye sockets of the skulls.

He heard more voices, but still nothing more than low mumbles, coming from both east and west. The voices from the west were a bit louder, so Luven moved past Area 2 and met up with some tall gaunt bug-eyed humanoids wielding halberds in Room 4 (Map A above). Each humanoid was about 7' tall, with one in plate mail and the rest unarmored, except for shields. One of the unarmored guys blocked Luven's path into Room 4 and attacked.

Luven attempted to enter the room and found himself fending off his initial attacker and the guy in plate mail, which turned out to be a really bad thing for Luven. In the meantime, Dante moved up the corridor past Area 2 and Adzeer and Little Larry moved towards Area 3, but never quite made it there. His path was cut off by a human-sized guy in a black cloak and hood. He was unarmed. Behind him were two more of the 7' tall halberd guys. Adzeer was familiar with their type from an previous encounter (Session 7).

The battle turned into a two front war and it was not going well for the brave adventurers. Luven went down, mortally wounded. Dante, Adzeer, and Little Larry were unable to strike their respective foes.

Ansarkhan, trapped behind everyone because of the narrow corridors, worked his way over to Dante and the tide began to turn. Adzeer and Little Larry were engaged in a bit of stalemate due to the narrow passage, but Dante and Ansarkhan took out two 7' gaunt guys. They were just in time, too, as the plate mail guy had scooped up the limp body of Luven and was scurrying off to the north, towards Area 5 (Map A above). Dante unleashed a sleep spell and rescued Luven--or at least Luven's body--just before the armored guy made his getaway.

In the meantime, Little Larry and Adzeer killed the hooded guy without being touched by him (the hooded guy was trying to touch Adzeer with his bare hand). Adzeer and Little Larry also killed one of the gaunt guys, forcing the second one to flee to the northeast. Adzeer followed him into Room 6 (Map A above) and dispatched him.

Dante forced a healing potion down Luven's throat and the magic had a mighty effect, restoring him to consciousness. Luven wasted no time cutting the throat of the plate mail guy and the battle was over.

The characters thoroughly searched the bodies and the room, turning up a bit of treasure and two more skulls (facing west) in Area 7. They then descended down the staircase they had found in Area 5.
Map B: Level 2?? (1 square = 5 feet)
The adventurers descended the long staircase from Area 5 (Map A above) to Area 8 (Map B above). The vertical drop was about 100', similar in vertical distance to their descent down a different staircase in Session 9.

The characters found themselves in large irregular empty room, with plenty of rock dust on the floor, much like the abandoned mining area they had just left behind on Level 1. There was a corridor heading north and one heading south. The most curious feature of the room were the two parallel bands of golden metal running east to west out of narrow tunnels and across the southern half of the room (Area 9 on Map B above). Each band was thick, almost like a construction beam, and they were supported from underneath by a series of similar but shorter pieces of golden metal running perpendicular to the longer pieces of metal. Luven poked and prodded at the metal, but was unable to identify it beyond determining that it was not gold.

The party opened the door into Room 10 and discovered another "restroom," much like they had found on Level 1. Luven made use of the facilities before Dante had a chance to search the bowls under the seats for treasure. No subsequent search was conducted and the party quickly left the area via the southern corridor.

Luven failed to find a crude spear trap securing the door into Room 11, but was able to dodge out of the way, letting the spear clatter to the ground before it skewered anyone. Room 11 was empty.

The party then moved to Room 12 (Map B above) and discovered a 7' tall guy with a halberd guarding four hunched-over naked humanoids. The naked humanoids were chained together tending to a 4' tall mushrooms, planted in uneven rows in the room. Luven, using his magic throwing knives, killed the tall gaunt guy before he had a chance to defend himself. The naked humanoids cowered in the corners as the party search the corpse and the room. The party noticed that the chained humanoids were similar to the ones they encountered in Session 7. Allindrihl, the elf, had given them more information about these various humanoids during Session 10.

The party then moved into Room 13 (Map B above) and found it empty, save for another mushroom garden. Room 14 proved to be similarly planted with mushrooms, but otherwise empty.

The party moved south into Room 15 (Map B above). This room had a total of 5 steel doors leading out of it, including the door used by the party to enter the room. It also had a spiral staircase that headed up. Looking up the staircase, the party could see that it was blocked with webs. Unlike the previous few rooms, Room 15 had a finished floor and walls. There was also less rock dust on the floor.

This is where the session ended for the night.

The Dungeon Explored So Far
Level 1
Part of Level 2?
Another part of Level 2?