Goodies in the Mail

I should be finishing up my Manor #6 edits for +Tim Shorts (Gothridge Manor). Instead, I have been playing my wife's new guitar (purchased today), watching three Game 7's in the NHL playoffs, and reading my new gaming stuff. I send my apologizes to Tim and I know forgiveness will come more quickly when he checks out the good stuff arriving at my front door:

Fantasy Companion (Savage Worlds): I haven't played Savage Worlds, but I keep hoping. I am inching my way towards running a campaign by picking up a used copy of Fantasy Companion. I am wondering how well a Savage Worlds megadungeon campaign might work, particularly if I borrowed some stuff from the Solomon Kane setting for Savage Worlds. I like the idea of a flintlock dungeon and haven't found the rules for it. There are a couple of conversions from D&D to Savage Worlds out there (check out the free Dungeons & Savages, for example).

Kefitzat Haderech: Incunabulum of Uncanny Gates and Portals: Any book that starts with Hebrew on its title page and ends with a few paragraphs about Dr. Who is going to be fun read. Paolo Greco provides a quirky set of tables that allow the GM to generate gates and portals to send player characters into the great unknown. +Tim Shorts' mini-review of this little booklet convinced me to buy it. I do wish I had paid more attention when I took Hebrew in graduate school many years ago.

NOD #5: It is no secret that I am a big fan of all of John Stater's stuff. He is the Isaac Asimov of the OSR. He cranks out product after product after product. We have been using his Blood & Treasure ruleset for the Montporte Dungeon Campaign. His PARS FORTUNA is my favorite OSR-style ruleset. I have been acting out on my man crush for John by purchasing an issue of NOD every month. NOD #5 features an article on medieval mining and another on vampires in found in various cultures. There is also Ibis, a city crawl that continues his expansion of his world of NOD.