Monday Night in Ephemera

Last night I played Darius the Handsome for my second session in Ephemera setting (it was the group's third session in Ephemera), run by Chris (The Clash of Spear on Shield).

Darius is neither strong nor smart, and he is downright slow of foot. He is, however, quite good looking. He can toss out a charm person with the best of them. He spent most of this session hitting on Lana, a woods-woman of vague orientation (not that there is anything wrong with that).

We did manage to deliver our rescued man, Ryan, back to his village. In the process, we discovered that Brill, the village elder, had sold out his people to a nearby minotaur runt. Thanks to a charm person spell, we got the truth out of Brill. His fellow villagers are not a forgiving lot and he was polished off after a quick up/down vote on the village green.

We stalked the minotaur and in an anti-climactic move typical of our Monday Night Gaming Group, we cast a sleep spell the minotaur and his minions. All the village archers stood down and we gathered up the booty after we dispatched the minotaur and his minions.