Dungeon Rules: d20 Generic Classes + Blood & Treasure

I am indebted to +Rob Conley for pointing out the Generic Classes on the d20 SRD. This could easily be bolted onto Blood & Treasure, a rule set I particularly like and one that most in our gaming group have played (and own). This approach, I think, would work particularly well in a megadungeon-centered campaign.

All player characters would be human and there would only be three classes: Adventurer, Mage, and Warrior. If I used Blood & Treasure, I would beef it up with some additional skills and feats, borrowed from other classes within Blood & Treasure or from the d20 SRD. Here is a basic outline of what the classes would look like:


  • Hit Dice: d6
  • Armor: Light armor + shield
  • Weapons: As per thief (B&T)
  • Skills: 10 (d20 SRD calls for 12*)
  • Feats: One feat to start plus one additional per every three levels


  • Hit Dice: d4
  • Armor: No armor (or light, nonmetallic armor)
  • Weapons: As per wizard (B&T)
  • Skills: 4
  • Feats: One to start plus one additional per every five levels
  • Other: Spells (here I would allow almost any B&T spell**)


  • Hit Dice: d8 (d20 SRD calls for d10)
  • Armor: Any + Shield (d20 SRD calls for Light and Medium armor)
  • Weapons: Any
  • Skills: 6
  • Feats: One to start plus an additional one every second level
  • Other: Additional attacks per round at higher levels

*12 skills would require a fairly lengthy list of meaningful skills.
**I would allow the mage to construct a spell book from any spell, but I would probably eliminate some spells, such as Resurrection and a some other cleric spells. Some of the lower level healing spells would remain.