Dungeon Rules: Four Classes

In thinking of streamlined rules to support dungeon play and exploration, I have one last approach. This approach falls into the "race as class" category. If I used it, I would either bolt it onto Swords & Wizardry Core or Blood & Treasure. The four classes:

Human Fighter
  • HD: d8
  • Armor: All
  • Weapons: All
  • Skills: A small selection of thief/rogue skills (optional)
  • Other: Feats (Optional); Additional attacks per round at higher levels (optional)

Human Mage
  • HD: d4
  • Armor: None (or light non-metal, optional)
  • Weapons: Typical magic-user/wizard
  • Skills (Optional): ???
  • Other: Spells (maybe include a few lower-level cleric spells, such as Cure Light Wounds)

  • HD: d8+1
  • Armor: All
  • Weapons: All
  • Skills: The usual dwarf stuff. Maybe Find/Femove Traps and Open Locks.
  • Other: Extra damage with a battleaxe (optional)

  • HD: d6
  • Armor: Light
  • Weapons: Wide selection
  • Skills: Some thief/rogue (Move Silently and Hide In Shadows, optional); Tracking (optional); Short/low bow specialization (optional)
  • Other: Spells (as per Druid or Ranger, or combination)