The Death of Diana, My Longest Running NPC

In Session 1 of the Montporte Dungeon campaigns, Diana was rescued from a nk-ha (an aberration). The adventurers managed to bring her out of her coma. The adventurers rescued other humans held prisoner in the dungeon over the next few sessions and returned them to their homes. Diana, however, stayed on with the adventurers as the cave goat driver.

Diana stayed with the adventurers until Session 37. The party had to cross a chasm and decided to leave some of their NPCs behind, along with the cave goats. Diana remained with the NPCs and did not cross the chasm with the player characters.

When the second campaign started with Session 47, she joined the new team of adventurers as a torchbearer. When the adventurers acquired their own little herd of cave goats, she managed them while still carrying a torch for the party. Diana finally met her untimely end in Session 52 as the result of a "brain blast from" some mysterious frogs.

Despite being present with two different adventuring parties over the course of 43 sessions, Diana was a woman of mystery. By Session 37, it appeared that she might be pregnant. The adventurers also noticed that her eyes were turning black, as if they had become pupils only. At the start of Session 47 (a year later), she was not pregnant and her eyes had returned to normal. Diana's short life is over, but her story may continue.