Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 20 Notes

The Cast
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the First Circle (Half Orc, Hunter): +Tim Shorts (Gothridge Manor)
Dante Rathburn (Human, Warlock): +Chris C. (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Luven Lightfinger (Human, Thief): +Rob Conley (Bat in the Attic)
Larramore “Little Larry” (Kobold, Marksman): NPC
Ansarkhan ("Mushroom Man", Fighter): NPC
Diana (Human, Torch Bearer, Goat Driver): NPC
5 cave goats
Map A (1 square = 5 feet)
The Session
Session 19 ended with the brave adventurers finishing up their trading with the goblin party in Room 1 (Map A above). The goblins, along with ponies, wagon, oafs, and glyff exited the room through the southern door.
The party was then left to debate what to do. There was considerable discussion about the dwarven treasure they had read about in Session 11. Allindrihl, the elven mushroom farmer, had told them about a similar location (same?) north of the mines on Level 1 (Session 16). The party realized that exploring the mines on Level 2 were not going to get them to the dwarven treasure, so they decided to head up the stairs from Room 1 (Map A above), which led them into Room 2 (Map B below).
Map B (1 square = 5 feet)
Room 2 was part of the mines of Level 1. They knew that the treasure was north of the mines, but they had into a dead end of sorts and  did not know the way north from Room 2, so they decided to head west.

The party entered a large mining area with a pool of water in the middle (Room 3 on Map B above). The party did not have much time to contemplate this large room as they were attacked by a horde of undead dwarves, armed with picks. The party was outnumbered but they benefited by the lack of coordination among the undead dwarven things. The dwarves attacked piecemeal. A small group of them did duck out a side corridor but the party rightly guessed that they would be in for a flanking attack and prepared to meet it. In the end, the undead dwarves were overcome with only Luven suffering the effects of their attack (which turned out to be temporary).

The party continued west and found a narrow flight of stairs that led down to Room 4 (Map B above). There was a wooden trap door in the ceiling that the party managed to reach by lifting up Luven. He opened the trap door and found a narrow corridor heading east. Ansarkhan boosted the rest of the party into the corridor and then climbed in after (being a tall mushroom man, he only needed a bit of a vertical leap to get a good grip and pull himself up).

The party entered a small room, followed another narrow corridor and then found a secret door in the ceiling at the end of the corridor. They opened the secret door and ended up inside a stone sarcophagus with a dwarven skeleton. They popped the top off of the sarcophagus and found themselves in Room 5 (Map B above).

Room 5 and the room to the east of it each had eight sarcophagi in them, which the party deemed ripe for plundering. And some plunder was had by all.

The party then moved east to Room 6 (Map B above). This room contained a low circular dias with a wrought iron pole and a continual light globe securely attached to it.

This is where we ended the session for the night.

The Dungeon So Far
Level 1
Level 2