Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 25 Notes

The Cast
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the Second Circle (Half Orc, Hunter): Tim (Gothridge Manor)
Duncan Kern (Gnome, Wizard/Thief): Dan
Dante Rathburn (Human, Warlock): Chris (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Luven Lightfinger (Human, Thief): Rob (Bat in the Attic)
Larramore “Little Larry” (Kobold, Marksman): NPC
Ansarkhan ("Mushroom Man", Fighter): NPC
Diana (Human, Torch Bearer, Goat Driver): NPC
Crystal Golem (Crystal Golem)
Marcus Aurelius (Magic Sword): NPC
5 cave goats
Map A (1 square = 5 feet)
The Session: Part 1
The brave adventurers ended the last session (Session 24) in Room 1 (Map A above), where they had bedded down for the night. The room was a gnome holy area and the party awoke the next morning (the start of Session 25), fully healed and ready to go.

They moved through Room 2 and headed northwest to Area 3, where they discovered three empty 20' x 30' rooms. Then they explored a little further west and opened the door into Room 4. This room was not empty. It contained to demons--a giant one shaped like an amoeba and faceless one wearing a hooded robe with numerous tentacles coming out of the bottom of it.

Duncan cast a color spray on the smaller one, which fizzled. This left him and his crystal golem vulnerable to counter-attack as the rest of the party was still in the corridor. The amoeba demon did a quick one round beat down that left Duncan lifeless. Thinking quickly, Dante grabbed Duncan's lifeless body by the feet (he was right next to the door) and dragged him to safety. Luven spiked the door closed. Duncan's crystal golem was left to his fate, which was likely decided in very short order.

Diana offered the suggestion of taking Duncan's corpse back to Rooms 1 and 2--the gnome holy place. They went as quickly as possible and dunked their dead gnome companion into the gnome pond in Room 2. His wounds were healed but his life was not restored. The party then took Duncan into Room 1. He was resurrected but the magical tree in the room died.

At this point, the party noticed that Diana's eyes were almost all pupil. Dante and Adzeer thought that her eyes had the same weird blackness as the black blobs the party met up with in Session 1 and Session 24. They asked her if she was feeling alright. She told them that she was sick in the mornings and that her clothes were starting to fit a little tight, but she attributed the weight gain to the good food they were eating. She said she did feel odd when they were fighting the black blob in Session 24 (she was not in the room during the battle). Session 1).

The group told Diana to take a swim in the gnome pool, but it didn't seem to have any effect. Not having any other ideas, the party left Room 2. It had felt to her like something was kicking her insides in her lower abdomen. Adzeer and Dante conferred privately coming up with contingency plans in case she was pregnant with the black blob's baby (the party had rescued her from a black blob at the end of Session 1).

The party then explored some other areas--Areas 5, 6 and 7. There they found rooms upon rooms with dwarven sarcophagi. They searched the sarcophagi and found considerable gold and silver--all in the form of small bars--along with a few small magic items.

In Room 8, they met up with an ancient dwarven woman, who shrieked at them about robbing the dwarven graves. The woman was pointing at them with an accusing finger and waving a large scroll in her other hand. Luven tried to explain in his own simple way, but this only made matters worse. Finally Adzeer, wearer his Belt of the Dwarvenkind, was able to calm her down. She handed him the large scroll and dissipated into a piled of dust.

The party opened the scroll. It was long and made little sense. It described all sorts of weird visions and horrific things. The strangest part is that it looked to Dante like it was written in his own hand writing. Dante decided that, if he did write, it was written sometime in the future, as he could not recall writing it. A cursory reading of the scroll did hint at some familiar elements and some clues to the Montporte Dungeon [you can see the contents of the scroll here].

The party then moved out of the dwarven tomb area and moved back south into the mines. They explored the mines in more detail, mapping out Areas 9, 10, 11 and 12. In Area 12, they discovered a group of seven large horned turtles, grazing on bits of fungus. Duncan decided to ride one as a response to a dare/bet by Luven.

The turtle tried to buck Duncan off his back, which caused the other turtles to stampede. Much to Duncan's surprise, these turtles were fast...faster than a horse at a gallop. Duncan jumped off before he was carried off but then tried to follow the turtles as they ran east. This led the party to Area 13, which they realized connected to an area close to the dungeon exit. They decided to leave the dungeon and head into Montporte to resupply.

The Session: Part 2
Dante suggested that the party drop Ansarkhan the mushroom man off with his master, Allindrihl the elven mushroom farmer. Ansarkhan was still in a catatonic state after the party's encounter with the black blob in Session 24.

Allindrihl thought that Asnarkhan might be suffering from some form of insanity and he was not sure that he could do anything for him, but he would try. The party asked him to also look after Diana and check her over. She could stay with Allindrihl, as his guest, while the rest of the party went back to Montporte.

Allindrihl asked if the party had delivered his map to Daria, the leader of the rebels. He had asked the party to do this back in Session 16. There was a bit of hemming and hawing, until Adzeer said "No, not yet."

Adzeer asked for directions again and Allindrihl said, "Go to one of the two spiral staircases on Level 1, go down to Level 2, then go east. Keep going and you'll find her...or she will find you."

With the loss of Ansarkhan and the crystal golem, plus the weird things happening with Diana, the party was suddenly a bit smaller and more troubled.

This is where the session ended.

The Dungeon So Far
Level 1
Level 2