Five for Friday (Saturday Edition) 12: My RPG Hardcopy Wish List

Work has been brutal lately...in the office by five a.m. and home after midnight. Fortunately, it hasn't cut into the gaming time but it has slowed down the the blog posts. Anyway, here is a post that I meant to do for Friday but didn't get done. It is my current wish list of hardcopy gaming stuff.

Everything on the list is pricey, with GURPS Powers at the low end ($25.24) from Amazon. Rappan Athuk weighs in at about $100 (ouch!!). My wife and I both work as nonprofit CEOs...with "nonprofit" being the operative and determinative term for our salaries. So, with kids in college, a money pit for a house, and four aging pets, I have to curb my buying of expensive gaming stuff. I also want a new bass guitar and amplifier...I should have mentioned that, too. I shouldn't whine about all this...I really do love my job, my wife, my kids, and most of our animals (sorry Pirate). The jury is still out on our house.

Here is my wish list of hardcopy game products:
I have tried to talk my wife into finding a very wealthy older man for a boyfriend (for her, just to clarify, although if he was rich enough I might be tempted...). I thought it was a good plan for us--and quite generous on my part--but, alas, even with all of my persuasive powers brought to bear, nothing has come of that idea. Bummer, for sure. For now, I will just have to create wish lists.


  1. Good list. I have 3 of the five. Hadn't heard of Legends of Anglerre. And I to really want Rappan Athuk! Now that I received my S&W Kickstarter I am targeting it for a future purchase.

  2. Sadly I gave away all my spare author's copies of GURPS Martial Arts. I have only two hardcopies myself, and I use one and show the other one off if people want to see a copy of my work. Otherwise I'd hook you up.

    I miss people getting it in stores, though. It was cool to browse game stores for my own book. :)

  3. @Tim: Thanks, Tim. "Legends of Anglerre" is a Fate-based fantasy game.

    @Peter: I do have the PDF so I am not without, but it is an awesome book. I am just watching Amazon and eBay until the price drops a bit. It truly covers all aspects of martial arts, not just the stereotypical "kung fu" kind of thing. As I slowly work on a medieval urban fantasy campaign, I really see the need to delve into the martial arts aspect of GURPS as walking around as a fully armed and armored civilian is not going to be kosher. I want to be able to give the players and myself some fun options.