Monday Moodsetter 11

by Alan Tooth
RPG Rorschach: What is the first gaming thought that pops into your head?


  1. If we fall, no saving throw in the world is gonna catch us.

  2. "How do we map this on graph paper?"

  3. A divinity test. Clerics come to this holy of places to take the test to advance in their faith (level). As the ascend the stairs they are challenged psychological and spiritual. What seems to take days or months in actuality only take an afternoon. The cleric either emerges into the light, granted his advancement or he plummets into the darkness, his broken body patched together by the light bearers, others who have fallen and now serve those who wish to take the test.

    Not bad for a Monday morning, eh?

  4. The eternal staircase, Planescape.

  5. Player: "Dude, that is wicked...we are so F'ed!"

    GM: "So, how exactly will I map this and get the players to understand what they are seeing? Eh, screw it, I will just show them this piece of art....so much easier."

  6. @Tim: Wow. You are on today.

    @Alex: I thought of Planescape as well.

    @Matt: Ha ha ha! I actually have started to save up some images like this to use in game.

    @Boric: That would be my plan.