More Good Things in the Mail

Some goodies came in the mail over the past few days. The first was an Amazon box (with the smirky logo) and, after checking for traps before opening, I found The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles by Roger Zelanzy. Thanks to Tim (Gothridge Manor) for recommending it (in the comment section of a recent post on my favorite fantasy series). I also have added Malazan Book of the Fallen series (Steven Erikson) to my wish list, recommended by JD (The Disoriented Ranger). JD also recommended the P.I. Garrett books by Glen Cook, so I put them on an Amazon wish list as well. Thanks, JD!

Tim also sent me some giant graph paper for giant maps of giant dungeons. They are 2' x 3', with 1/4 inch squares. Thanks, Tim, for being so generous. Maybe you'll find a giant roll  +2 paper of zine production in the giant dungeon.


  1. That's some cool stuff in your mail box. I had just sent you an email like two seconds before this post popped up on my blogroll.

  2. The Garrett books are really good stuff. Try to read them in publication order if you can - the world changes, characters change, and events carry over from one to another. You can read them out of order though, I did for at least the first couple books.

  3. Cool loot. Always a good idea to check the box for traps first. Especially when the box is smirking at you.

  4. @Ivy: Thanks for the email. I added my support for the boys' side on your blog...10 coupons for ice cream cakes? Of course I would buy ten cakes.

    @Peter D: Thanks for the heads up on the publication order. It matters with Dresden and it sometimes matters with Reacher (the two series that I follow).

    @Bard: I actually have most stuff delivered to my office. Our Admin Asst opens everyone's mail (as per our fiscal policies), unless it is a box, so she is our usual redshirt for traps. She was puzzled about the graph paper from Tim (as I had him send it to my office). She is used to seeing stuff from LuLu and Frog God Games, so giant graph paper seems about par for the course.

  5. You're welcome! Sounds like you have some very good reading ahead of you and I hope you'll post about it, too :)