Random Table Top RPG Blog Topic Generator

Here is a repost from my old blog (with a few modifications). You'll need a D30 or you can just go here.
  1. My Favorite Color of Dice
  2. My First TPK
  3. Least Favorite Magic Item
  4. Which Monster Has the Best Sense of Humor?
  5. How To Make Dragons Tougher
  6. Random Table of Found Meals in the Dungeon
  7. How Dungeon Rock Types Might Impact Adventures
  8. The Use of Ships in Traditional Classic Fantasy RPGs
  9. Uses for Modrons
  10. Darwin Award for Player Characters: Your Best Self-Destructive PC
  11. Do Elves Fart?
  12. Does Your Campaign Setting Have a Magnetic Field?
  13. The Original AD&D 1e Bard
  14. Clowns As Monsters
  15. Lions, Tigers and Bears
  16. Three New Magic Items
  17. Clothes and Style for Player Characters
  18. The Best Names for Taverns, Pubs, Inns and Bars
  19. Fudging Dice Rolls as DM: Yes, No, or Depends
  20. Spells with Loopholes
  21. Monty Python References During Gaming Sessions: Pros and Cons
  22. Three Actual Historic/Geographic Settings that Would Make For Great Gaming
  23. New Monster
  24. Best Music Before a Gaming Session
  25. Snacks: Salty, Sweet or Healthy?
  26. What Were They Thinking?
  27. Names for Swords
  28. Five Things an Adventurer Should Never Be Without
  29. Oops
  30. Roll Twice and Use Both Topics in One Post


  1. These are awesome. I rolled a 19 but I'm going to pretend I rolled an 11: roll 1D6.

    1 A light tinkling sound followed by the scent of boysenberries.
    2 The coo of a sleepy dove accompanied by an odor of freshly mown grass.
    3 A series of three gentle peeps; is someone baking bread?
    4 A melodious sound like the fanfare of distant trumpets; all non-Elves must save vs paralyzation or develop a craving for sunflower seeds.
    5 A popping sound like a butterfly alighting on a bubble, soon followed by the smell of impending rain.
    6 Silent but lovely.

  2. @Butch: Ha ha ha! Like a crate of Febreze.

  3. Delightfully facetious. I approve.

  4. Been at this for less than a year, and although I've touched on a few of these subjects, I've yet to rock a full post on any. I should feel good about that, right?

    Plus, Butch wins...

  5. I like how Butch created a table from a table. Nice.