Keyed Map of the Town of Montporte

A: Traders’ Gate
B: Miners’ Gate
C: Mountain Gate
D: Dwarven Quarter
E: Duke’s Square
F: Summer Park
G: Gnome District
H: Market
I: Warehouse District
J: Market Barn
K: Ruins
L: Indriallian Burial Ground
M: Public Stables

Public Buildings
1: The Montporte Keep (Caleb, Captain of Montporte Guard)
2: Town Hall
3: Town Steward’s Office (Rindolph, Count's Steward, Mayor of Montporte)
4: Montporte Guild Hall

Religious Buildings
5: The Temple of Urrohka
6: The Cathedral of the Fellowship of Light
7: Indriallian Shrine

Businesses & Merchants
8: Blacksmith (Turin, blacksmith)
9: Tanner (Ivan, tanner)
10: Tinsmith (Ivelina, tinsmith)
11: Miner Supply (Donkirque, proprietor)
12: Glassworks (Delina, glassblower)
13: Nevin’s Notions (Nevin, alchemist)

Taverns and Inns
14: The Golden Halberd (Private club)
15: The Blue Unicorn (Food & Drink)
16: The Dusty Road (Lodging)
17: The Nutty Unicorn (Food, Drink, & Lodging)
18: The Rusty Dragon (Food & Drink)
19: Three Giant Dwarves (Food & Drink)
20: The Fragrant Ogre (Food, Drink & Lodging)

21: Pavel, wizard
22: Gertrudge, faith healer