Uyoga (Mushroom People)--Montporte Dungeon Campaign Critter

UYOGA (Mushroom People)
Armor Class: 4 [15]
Hit Dice: 2
Attacks: 2 Fists (1d4) or by weapon
Saving Throw: 16
Move: 13
Challenge Level/XP: 2/30

The uyoga are common to large caverns, dungeons, and deep temperate rain forests. They are bipedal sentient fungi and stand 7' to 9' in height. Their bodies are fibrous and medium brown in color. While generally even-tempered and peaceful, the uyoga are fierce defenders of their colonies and that which they value.

The uyoga are always part of a colony. The colony is a mass of threadlike tubules under the surface of the soil that make up the main body of the fungus. The uyoga sprout above the surface of the soil but remain connected to the subsurface colony. They are, at times, able to disconnect themselves from the main body of the colony to tend to the needs of colony, defend it, or carry out other business on behalf of the colony. The uyoga are genderless while disconnected from the colony and only develop a gender when the colony enters its complex reproductive cycle. The ugoya then lose their gender until the next reproductive cycle.

COMBAT: The uyoga are a peaceful folk but can be dangerous foes when their colony is threatened. They attack with their fists, getting two attacks per round and doing 1d4 of damage each. They also occasionally use weapons, preferring larger polearms, such as halberds.

AS CHARACTERS: The uyoga can be played as player or non-player characters. They gain 1d10 in hit points per level, but are otherwise like fighters. They do not use armor or shields. They gain a +1 armor class bonus every four levels, starting at second level.