Review: "Execution Corner"

Disclaimer: +Tim Shorts and I are in the same gaming group and I am sometimes involved in his RPG projects. However, I was not involved in this one so you can totally trust me on this one. Really and truly.

Product Stat Block
Title: Execution Corner
Author: +Tim Shorts (Gothridge Manor)
Publisher: GM Games
Format: PDF
Pages: 5
Cost: Pay What You Want
System: n.a. (neutral)

Execution Corner is a small rural location that can be added to almost any fantasy or medieval RPG campaign. While the PDF product is runs five pages, the actual gaming material is contained in a one page map and one page description of the area.

The Map
The map is hand drawn, which I personally like. Unlike some more stylized maps, it can actually be used during a gaming session. I think it would work well on GameTable or Roll20.

The Location Description
The location description is simple, but effective. I get a sense of the area and can picture the location and the people in my mind quite easily. That is important to me in running a gaming session. There is an overview of each feature in the area, including the "No Tomorrow Tavern."

There are also four NPCs described: Gerald (a peddler); Ferren (a peddler); Willem (the executioner); and Max (owner of "No Tomorrow Tavern"). I believe that Tim is at his best when he is creating and describing NPCs. Rarely are they heroic or noble, rather they are a grim, hardscrabble lot. The NPC descriptions are short and evocative and they would be easy to roleplay.

You will not find an adventure, stats, loot, or such things in Execution Corner. You will be unhappy if you get this product with that expectation in mind. However, it is a simple and excellent product to use in spicing up a long overland journey or serving as a very simple location to start a session (assuming you are providing additional stuff). And, with Pay What You Want, you can get it for less than a song.