The Town of Montporte Map (So Far)

After running 25 sessions of the Montporte Dungeon Campaign, I finally decided I needed to create a map and some detail of the nearby town of Montporte. Given that it has served as a military outpost and trade center on the far eastern fringes of the civilized world for a very long time, I thought it should have a wall. At several points in its history, Montporte was a thriving center of trade, with rich mineral resources located nearby. Currently, the population is only a fraction of what it once was.

Here is the map so far, after about 2 hours of work using AutoREALM. You can see that I still have a lot of work to do:
The area of Montporte is a bit like the western foothills of the central Ural Mountains (with the mountains near Montporte being much taller). There is quite a distance separating Montporte from the much more densely populated Western Kingdoms. Below is the map I gave the players at the start of Session 1 (which, at the time, was meant to be one-shot adventure). The Montporte Dungeon is marked by the star at the top of the map below: