Montporte Dungeon Campaign Session 27 Notes

The Cast
Adzeer Mattiu, Hunter of the Second Circle (Half Orc, Hunter): Tim (Gothridge Manor)
Duncan Kern (Gnome, Wizard/Thief): Dan
Dante Rathburn (Human, Warlock): Chris (The Clash of Spear on Shield)
Luven Lightfinger (Human, Thief): Rob (Bat in the Attic)
Larramore “Little Larry” (Kobold, Marksman): NPC
Diana (Human, Torch Bearer, Goat Driver): NPC
Marcus Aurelius (Magic Sword): NPC
5 cave goats
Map A (1 square = 5 feet)
The Session
The last session (Session 26) was spent in the town of Montporte, so we started Session 27 in the first room of the Montporte Dungeon (Room S on Map A above).
Map B (1 square = 5 feet)
The party moved to the northwest, to the ants' nest so they could access the spiral staircase down to Allindrihl's mushroom farm on Level 2. Along the way, Little Larry poked his head into an unexplored area (Areas 1 & 2 on Map B above).
Map C (1 square = 5 feet)
The party then made their way down the spiral staircase and to Allindrihl's mushroom farm, where Allindrihl received the party in his home (Room 3 on Map C above). Diana rejoined the party but Allindrihl shared the sad news that Ansarkhan's insanity could not be cured and the mushroom colony opted to destroy him and return his ashes to the colony grounds.
Map D (1 square = 5 feet)
The brave adventurers took leave of Allindrihl, returned to Level 1 and went east. Duncan wanted to explore some unopened doors on Level 1. They went through a previously unopened door, which led them into Room 4 (Map D above). The party followed the corridor east in Room 5. Room 5 had a bed of glowing embers in the middle of the floor. As the party moved cautiously into the room to investigate, 3 fire elementals materialized out of the bed of embers. The party fled back down the corridor into Room 4. The fire elementals did not follow.

The party then moved north then east then south, into another room they had bypassed (Room 6 on Map D). Here they discovered the remains of a glass blowing operation. The furnace had been removed but there was plenty of broken glass on the floor.

The party moved back north out of the room and continued east. They met up with Cassius, the ghostly caretaker of Montporte. Cassius was his usual addled self, unaware of his own demise and living in a past that ended thousands of years ago. The party did learn that they were the objects of a search. Cassius let them know that a "delightful woman" with two crabmen (thuragians) and two green spiders were looking for them. This search party had descended the spiral stairs in Room 8 (Map D above). The party decided to follow.
Map E (1 square = 5 feet)
The party descended the spiral staircase into Room 9 (Map E above). They moved south to explore the southern door out of Room 10. In Room 10, the met up with the search party that Cassius had told them about. As suspected, the "search party" was a breeder patrol party. The only thing delightful about the woman leading the party was her magic missile wand (assuming the adventures could get it from her).

The resultant melee yielded a few unhappy surprises. The first was the magic missile wand. The second was that this woman was much tougher than any of the previous patrol leaders. The third were the really big glowing green spiders and their ability to shoot blinding green energy beams out of their eyes. While the adventurers suffered some damage in the process, they did manage to carry the day.

The party found two scrolls on the patrol leader. From one of the documents, Letter to Sasha, they learned that the leader of the patrol party was sent by Lady Elonora. From the second document, a Patrol Order, they learned that Lady Elonora was a member of the Council of the Eternal and was personally directed to find the adventurers and destroy their party by Elias the One (the leader of the "breeders"). The party also learned that the breeders had six gnomes (called garnocks by the breeders) that were to be used as sacrifices for one of the breeder rituals. Duncan was understandably upset by this.

The party opened the southern door out of Room 10 and saw the corridor heading south (with three more doors). Rather than start off in a whole new direction, the adventurers thought they should honor Allindrihl's earlier request that the party deliver a map to Daria, the leader of the rebellion against the breeders. Daria and her rebel band were to be found somewhere at the far eastern end of Level 2.

The party moved north into Room 11 (known as the "Room With 5 Doors") and then east into unexplored territory. Room 12 proved to be a bit of a challenge as their was a trench or empty pool in the middle of the room. Adzeer, using his Belt of the Dwarvenkind, concluded that the room was some sort of safety spillway for a large alchemy operation--15 deep and 30' across. This also explained the double doors to the north as they entered the room. The average person could not climb or jump down into or across it without injury.

Luven was chosen to climb down and cross the trench. He slipped and fell into it [rolled a 1 on his Climbing roll and then another 1 on his Reflex saving throw, on a d20]. Despite injury and insult on the way down, Luven climbed the other side without a problem. He had brought a rope and secured it. His knot held and the rest of the party was able to cross without a problem.

This is where we ended the session.

The Dungeon So Far
Level 1
Level 2