The One Where We Had a Three-Way (Battle, That Is)

We moved our Monday night game to Thursday night, with Tim (Gothridge Manor) as GM. We were testing out his new system with pregen characters. Tim is not a railroader but he generally tries to be creating with adventure seeds and story arcs. In this case, it fell apart right at the start and the went downhill (in a fun way) from there. The highpoint was the three-way battle between player characters about 2/3 the way through the session. Three of the four player characters had joined together in a rather shaky alliance to finish a simple task, which we over-thought at every point along the way. Rob's character, Marrick (who we had not yet met), helped out the three of us from a distance via bow shots from a tree in a battle against some landlocked pirates.

We didn't know who Merrick was or that he intervened our behalf, so we he tried to take us to the lord of the manor for some sort of legal proceedings. Hyroth (my battle mage) was having none of that. This guy, Merrick, demanded that we give him our names and follow him while he didn't share his name or tell us what he was about. So I blasted him with a magic missile (or two, the second while he was running away). Arden, the muscle in our party, ended the fight by killing me (otherwise I would have plugged the little rat bastard one last time).

It was blast. Some of the other Monday Night Gaming Goobers have captured the session much better than I could (after all, I was dead for about 1/3 of it, although I did get brought back in a most creepy manner). Here are the other posts: