The Apples? They Are Very Close To The Tree

Yesterday, Digital Orc posted a heartwarming post about a day with his young daughter, entitled The Value of Old School. It reminded me of similar days when my children were young and all the common memories we have of our adventures together.

My children are now adults. My son is 23 years old and working like a dog as a Director of Marketing while my daughter just turned 21 last week. We are all about two hours apart most of the time, so we share most of our adventures via texts and Facebook. Some of their recent pics serve as a reminder that the apples ended up right next to the tree.

Here is a pic from my son (that is my old Ibanez guitar from the 70's on the right):
Here is a pic posted by my daughter (she had it as her Facebook cover pic):
It is groovy how each of my kiddoes picked up one the major aspects of my personality. I would not love them any less if they hadn't, but it does make it fun when my son and daughter are both interested in some of same things as I am.