Surrounded By Elves (at my office)

Dwarven Staff Meeting
I was CEO of an organization that was involved in a merger last fall. I am now the COO of a combined bigger organization. The beauty of this merger is that each organization brought something that the other organization lacked...and no one lost there job in the process. Nothing but  upsides.

The downside is that I am surrounded by elves. As someone who leans in the dwarvish direction, I find it distressing. Our head finance guy is a serious gamer (poker, video, wargames, Magic, but not RPGs), but has confessed to me that he is elvish in nature. One of our program directors, a direct report to me, plays tabletop RPGs but she she often plays elves. 

It seems like the attorneys missed something during the due diligence phase of the merger. I am finding it quite distressing. Maybe it was better when no one around at work played games and I just kept it all to myself. I do have HR on speed dial, just in case the elves create a hostile work environment. Which they always do. 
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